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The Martial Artist's Problem
Martial arts training often includes repetitive motion and holding unusual postures for long periods of time. These actions can lead to self-inflicted injuries if done without proper alignment and the use of the most efficient muscle groups for each movement.

The Karate Pilates™ Program
The Karate Pilates™ Program has been designed to bring the benefits of the Pilates Method to your martial arts training. The Pilates exercises in this program have been chosen to specifically target common problem areas in martial artists.

Designed for men and for women, this introductory Pilates mat workout requires no special equipment. Beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of the exercises are discussed so you can continue to challenge yourself as you build strength and flexibility.

The exercises target the body core, or lower abdominals, so kicks and stances will become more efficient and comfortable. Pain and strains of the back and shoulders will begin to disappear as you develop stronger abdominals to take some of the load off of muscles that martial artists typically overuse.

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