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  Improve Flexibility
Using Pilates principles, the joints are opened and the muscles and connective tissue is trained to relax, improving range of motion and flexibility.
  Increase Core Strength
Strengthening the core abs, referred to as the "powerhouse" in Pilates and the "tanden" in Japanese martial arts, leads to easier movement.
  Reduce Injury
Opening the joints, increasing strength & flexibility and using the proper muscles for a given motion reduces the chances of injury.
  Increase Longevity
By reducing chances of injury, increasing strength & flexibility, you will be able to be an active martial artist for decades to come.

Enhance Your Martial Arts Training

With the first Pilates program designed for martial artists by a martial artist.

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$39.95 + S&H

"After a week, my movements were more efficient and controlled. After two weeks, my stances were deeper. Today, I can easily kick over my head, and I'm a 6'2", 250lb. man!"
-M. L., New York, NY

"Karate Pilates saved my back! Since adding Karate Pilates to my training routine, my back pain has disappeared and I was able to help my brother in law move without straining my back."
-A. L., Brooklyn, NY

Do I have to be in shape? | How does it work?
Isn't Pilates for dancers? | Proven Methods | Decades of experience

Why are top martial artists on four continents using the Karate Pilates™ program?

Simply put, because the Karate Pilates program delivers on its promises. By incorporating the Karate Pilates Workout into your training schedule, you will to see the benefits of improved flexibility, increased core strength, reduced injury and greater longevity.

Do I have to be in shape to practice Karate Pilates™?

Karate Pilates will help you get in shape. It doesn't matter what shape or size you are today. Karate Pilates is practiced by people of all shapes and sizes, from 300lb. men to 90lb. women. Many martial artists use Karate Pilates to recondition their bodies after breaks in training or while recovering from injuries.

How does it work?

The exercises in The Karate Pilates program have been chosen to develop the muscles martial artists typically under use, and to stretch and relax the muscles martial artists typically overuse. The program also incorporates stretching and opening of the joints. The end result is a longer, leaner body that is less prone to injury and trained to use the most efficient muscles for any given movement.

Isn't Pilates for dancers?

A wide variety of people enjoy the benefits of Pilates, including professional athletes, celebrities and champion fighters. The Karate Pilates program is practiced by men and women from teenagers to senior citizens. "Several NFL players, including Ruben Brown of the Chicago Bears, Al Wallace of the Carolina Panthers, and many of the Oakland Raiders have adopted Pilates as part of their conditioning programs."1

Proven methods

Karate Pilates is based on the Pilates Method - a Physical fitness system developed for veterans' rehabilitation programs during the First World War. The Pilates Method is primarily concerned with breathing, centering, concentration, control and precision - all concepts that align perfectly with martial arts training.

Decades of experience

Developed by a certified Pilates instructor with a third Dan (degree) black belt in Japanese karate; Karate Pilates has the benefit of over 20 years of martial arts experience and 10 years of Pilates experience.

$39.95 + S&H

1 Coaching Management, 14.10, November 2006

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