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What is Karate Pilates™?

Designed by a martial artist for martial artists, Karate Pilates™ is a comprehensive program for martial artists to apply Pilates principles to their training. These principles will help martial artists improve flexibility, increase core strength, reduce the chances of injury, and increase their longevity as active martial artists.

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I for veterans' rehabilitation programs. The "Pilates Principles" are proper alignment, centering, control, precision, breathing & flowing motion, strength, and flexibility. For over 70 years, these principles and exercises have been used by soldiers, professional athletes and dancers to improve their workout routines and performance.


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  Improve Flexibility
Using Pilates principles, the joints are opened and the muscles and connective tissue is trained to relax, improving range of motion and flexibility.
  Increase Core Strength
Strengthening the core abs, referred to as the "powerhouse" in Pilates and the "tanden" in Japanese martial arts, leads to easier movement.
  Reduce Injury
Opening the joints, increasing strength & flexibility and using the proper muscles for a given motion reduces the chances of injury.
  Increase Longevity
By reducing chances of injury, increasing strength & flexibility, you will be able to be an active martial artist for decades to come.
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